Product information - TAC<Trimellitic anhydride chloride>
【Prototype】- HTAC<1,2,4-Cyclohexanetricarboxylic acid 1,2-anhydride 4-chloride>

We provide high-purity products by making use of our halogenation and refining technologies, which are our strengths. In recent years the demand for it in the field of electronic materials has increased.

Product name Structural formula CAS number Existing chemical number Property Application
<Trimellitic anhydride chloride>
Trimellitic anhydride chloride 1204-28-0 3-1361 White solid Synthetic intermediate materials
acid 1,2-anhydride 4-chloride>
【Prototype】HTAC<1,2,4-Cyclohexanetricarboxylicacid 1,2-anhydride 4-chloride> 723339-88-6 Pale yellow liquid Synthetic intermediate materials
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