We were founded in 1918 as Nippon Camphor Co., Ltd. in order to integrate the camphor businesses in Japan. Later, we started manufacturing fatty acids and other oil and fat-related products, and expanded our business lines by forging our own unique fields within chemistry. In 1971, our name was changed to Nippon Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., and we have been working to develop products and expand our business as a fine chemicals manufacturer by staying abreast of the times.

At present, we are expanding our business in a wide range of fields. These are cosmetic ingredients that are kind to both people and the environment, pharmaceutical ingredients that contribute to improving the quality of life for all, hygiene management products that make our living environments clean, safe and comfortable, and industrial materials found not only in family household items but electronic materials and high-function plastics.

We celebrated the centennial of our founding on February 12, 2018. In our medium-term management plan that started in April that year (the FY2018-FY2022 Five Year Plan), we managed to get ourselves listed on the TSE Prime Market and worked to strengthen corporate governance, based on the slogan, “To be a corporate group growing sustainably for the next hundred years.” In addition, we formulated our long-term vision for 2030, NFC VISION 2030: “Smiles on Faces: The Power of KIREI ,” and announced it in October 2021. The concept for this vision is our declaration of helping the three “KIREIs” of the Earth, society, and the future, achieving what we hope to become in terms of putting our ESG management into practice and contributing to realizing the SDGs and their goal of bringing about a sustainable society.

We have started our new medium-term management plan (FY2023-FY2026 Four Year Plan) in April 2023. As we head towards the fulfillment of NFC VISION 2030, we are positioning these four years as the stage for strengthening our growth foundations though active investment, turning our rudder from the defense stage of boosting corporate governance to the attack stage.

Specifically, we will further accelerate our growth strategies through the following initiatives.

  • Strengthening our business portfolio through rebuilding our business segments.
  • Strengthening R&D and sales to ensure Nippon Fine Chemical is associated in everyone’s minds with phospholipids.
  • Strengthening investments in R&D and facilities.
  • Strengthening responses to sustainability.

The chemical industry will increasingly be required to support sustainability and coexist with local communities as we head into the future. At Nippon Fine Chemical, we practice the idea of “Sustainability, which aims to achieve both sustainable corporate growth and to bring about a sustainable society” in our Basic Policy for Sustainability. We will continue to tackle challenges, aiming for further heights as we continue innovations with the management philosophy of “Contributing to Society Through Chemistry ” in our hearts, fulfilling our responsibility as a member of society, and not merely to grow our revenue.

I humbly ask for your ongoing further support in our endeavors.

Management Philosophy

  • Nippon Fine Chemical shall contribute to society through chemistry
  • Nippon Fine Chemical shall contribute to all people associated with it
  • Nippon Fine Chemical shall contribute to self-realization of its employees

Representative Director, President
Hiroshi Yano