Security and disaster prevention as well as occupational health and safety

We recognize security and disaster prevention as well as occupational safety and health as priorities in the chemical industry, and are engaged in the following efforts.

  • Ensuring safe driving through regular equipment maintenance
  • Identification of emergency situations, preparation of emergency manuals, and implementation of emergency training
  • Hazard prediction training based on past disaster cases
  • Regular workplace safety patrols and elimination of potential risk factors

It was commended as a good office of dangerous goods management.

Our Takasago Plant was recognized as being accident-free and disaster-free for the past six years, and received the following two awards as an excellent workplace with hazardous materials.

  • 2004 Commissioner of the Fire Service Agency Award
  • 2004 Hyogo Prefecture Governor Award

Chemical and product security, distribution security

The following efforts are undertaken to ensure the security of our products in the use and distribution phase.

Material Safety Data Sheet [MSDS]

In order for customers to use our products with peace of mind and safety, we have created and provided Material Safety Data Sheets [MSDS] that contain safety data for each product and handling precautions.

Yellow card [Distribution safety]

We are working to issue yellow cards to prevent disasters and ensure safety in the distribution of products.