Structural formula


Basic Information

Name PMBCl
CAS number 824-94-2
Chemical name 4-methoxybenzyl chloride
Another Name PMB-Cl,anisyl chloride
Molecular weight 156.61

Example of use

  • The p-methoxybenzyl group can be used to protect hydroxyl groups, amino groups, etc.
  • It can be deprotected by catalytic hydrogenation in the same way as the benzyl group.
  • It can also be deprotected under mild oxidation conditions using DDQ or strong acid conditions.
  • It can be selectively deprotected when the benzyl protecting group is present.

Standard value

Standard value
Appearance Colorless or pale yellow liquid
Purity(GC) ≧98.0%
Storage conditions Refrigerated storage(2-8℃)
*Purity does not decrease for 6 months when refrigerated.
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