Purpose: What We’re Here For

Purpose: What We’re Here For

Purpose Concept

Purpose: What We’re Here For

※“kirei” is a Japanese word expressing the concept of “beautiful,” “fine,” “clear,” or “clean,” and can be used as an adjective, noun or verb. We at Nippon Fine Chemical think of “kirei” as making things better for everyone with a connection to our company, for society, for the environment, and for the future.

Message from the President

We unveiled our NFC VISION 2030 in October 2021.
NFC VISION 2030 lays out seven goals that embody our company’s vision for what we want to be in the future year of 2030.The entire company is working as one in accordance with the basic strategy we formulated to achieve these seven goals in the 14th Medium-term Management Plan, which started in April 2023.

At the same time, in today’s world of diversifying values and unclear futures, where there are no correct answers, we need to take another look at why our company exists, how we contribute to society, and why we provide products and services. So I have clarified our current reason for existence as we head into the future, and formulated our purpose.

We have also set “Aiming for our sustainable growth and to bring about a sustainable society” as our Basic Sustainability Policy. We have a responsibility to make things not just for profit, but with an eye to the Earth, society, and the future.

The terms "Chemistry and KIREI" contain within them the meanings of our products, technologies, and services that emphasize compliance and safety. With their power, we will help make the Earth, society, and the future KIREI, and bring smiles to the faces of those around us. We will continue to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society throuth the chemical reaction between these smiles. That is how we express our reason for existing.

We shall continue to offer products and services that excite the world.

March, 2024

Representative Director, President
Hiroshi Yano