Anti-fogging coatings

Anti-fogging coatings

The coated hydrophilic surface eliminates fogging by preventing water droplets from adhering to it.

Prevents fog from forming on optical products such as goggles, helmet visors, and face shields, improving visibility and safety.

Anti-fogging coatings

Nippon Fine Chemical's anti-fogging coatings

Provides excellent anti-fogging performance in environments with large amounts of steam. Good for uses where visibility is critical.

It provides excellent anti-fogging properties even in conditions harsher than the European anti-fog standard test*1.
(Changed anti-fogging performance confirmation from after soaking in water for 2 hours to after soaking for 24 hours)

It is used for products such as safety glasses, helmet visors, and medical goggles.

*1: European standard EN166

Method for evaluating lens anti-fogging performance

① Lenses are immersed in distilled water for 2 hours

② Lenses are dried

③ Placed above a 50℃ water bath to confirm there is no fogging

Nippon Fine Chemical's anti-fogging coatings

Product Lineup

Lineup NSC-AF-332
Viscosity (mPa・s) 100
Solid content (%) 26
Anti-fogging (N-Mark) Pass
Sand drop test (K-mark) < 3
Anti-fogging Initial Excellent
Steel wool hardness Excellent
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