Purchase information

The Purchase Department gathers information on ingredients.

1. Basic purchasing policy

We conduct operations according to the basic purchasing policy.

  1. Equal opportunity / fairness / justice
    We welcome domestic and international business partners in pursuit of equal opportunity, and deal fairly and justly with all customers.
  2. Economic rationality
    When selecting and evaluating business partners, we assess quality, delivery time, price, service, reliability, safety, etc. in a comprehensive manner.
  3. Legal compliance and rejection of antisocial organizations
    We comply with relevant laws and their spirit in the course of purchase transactions.
  4. Green procurement
    We conduct purchasing operations based on resource protection and environmental protection in the selection of purchases.
  5. Promotion of CSR procurement
    We strive to fulfill our social responsibilities by working on CSR throughout the supply chain, including business partners involved in our business activities, promoting CSR procurement.

2. Items with info

Fatty acids, alcohols, solvents, acid alkalis, packaging materials

3. The flow up to the transaction start

Information provision and evaluation
We will evaluate the information you provide and arrange a meeting based on the evaluation results.
Meeting and evaluation
At the meeting, we will receive specific proposals from you, then check and negotiate quality and prices.
Sample evaluation
If the quality, price, etc. meet expectations, we will evaluate the quality through a sample.
Actual machine evaluation
We perform test production with actual equipment and evaluate it with the product.
Finalization of specifications and conclusion of basic contract
We have you prepare a delivery specification and conclude the contract after approval.
In addition to signing a basic contract with new business partners, we also ask that you submit necessary documents such as preparing a name list and payment conditions.
After completing all steps, we will place an order based on the contract.

4. Contact

Purchase Dept. In charge: Kawai and Hayashi

541-0051 4-9, Bingomachi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka

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Facsimile: +81-6-6231-4787

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