100th anniversary content

The DNA of innovation has been passed down through our century-long existence

Nippon Fine Chemical commemorated its 100th anniversary in February 2018.

Established in 1918 as Nippon Camphor Co., Ltd., the company overcame a major challenge when the camphor monopoly system was abolished after the war, switching to fatty acid and other oil-related products business. In 1971, the company name was changed to the current "Nippon Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.", and since its fresh start as a fine chemical manufacturer, the company has expanded its business portfolio as a pioneer in the chemicals sector.

Going forward, we want to be indispensable to all people, a company that continues to innovate and grows sustainably.

100th anniversary content

Contributing to society through chemistry

Nippon Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is active in a wide range of fields, with the company's people- and eco-friendly ingredients being used in a variety of products. These include skin care, makeup, and hair care products, healthier and more convenient pharmaceutical ingredients, and industrial materials used in familiar, everyday situations, as well as electronic materials and high-performance resins.

Going forward, we will continue contributing to the realization of communities characterized by beauty, health, prosperity, and smiles, by providing high-performance, high value–added cosmetic ingredients, pharmaceutical ingredients, and industrial materials.

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