Nippon Fine Chemical commemorated the 100th anniversary of its founding on February 12, 2018.
I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the support of our business partners and everyone involved.

Our company was established as Nippon Camphor Co., Ltd. in 1918 with the aim of unifying the domestic camphor sector.
Then we started manufacturing fatty acid and other oil-related products and expanded our business portfolio as a pioneer in the chemicals sector.
In 1971, the company name was changed to Nippon Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., and we have endeavored as a fine chemical manufacturer to develop products and expand into markets, one step ahead of the times.

We are currently active in a wide range of sectors such as people- and eco-friendly cosmetic ingredients, sanitation and hygiene products that make your living environment clean, safe, and comfortable, pharmaceutical ingredients that improve health and convenience, and industrial materials used both for familiar daily supplies as well as electronic materials and high-performance resins.

Under the slogan "sustainable growth for the next 100 years", Nippon fine chemical group want to be indispensable to society by providing value that supports people's beauty and health and the realization of an affluent life. The entire group is working on a medium-term management plan [FY2019-2023] that started in April 2018.

We ask for your continued understanding and support.

Management Philosophy

  • Nippon Fine Chemical shall contribute to society through all of its businesses
  • Nippon Fine Chemical shall contribute to all people associated with it
  • Nippon Fine Chemical shall contribute to self-realization of its employees

President & Representative Director
Susumu Yano