Implementation declaration

We place "contributing to society through chemistry" at the core of our corporate mission, and in order to achieve this, we place trust and sincerity first, demonstrate our eagerness for challenges and ingenuity, and work non-stop to provide our customers with useful products based on original technologies.

In all processes from product development to manufacturing, sales, distribution, use, final consumption, and disposal, Nippon Fine Chemical Responsible Care [NRC] hereby pledges in the course of its corporate operations to pursue independent environmental, safety, and product quality efforts to protect the global environment, ensure safety within and outside of the company, and achieve quality that satisfies our customers.

All of our departments and employees are aware of the importance of this declaration and the "Basic Management Policy on Environment, Safety, and Quality".
Naturally we comply with relevant laws and regulations, and are always striving to make independent and continuous improvements and fulfill our social responsibility.

June 23, 2020

Representative Director, President
Hiroshi Yano

Management Philosophy

  • Nippon Fine Chemical shall contribute to society through all of its businesses
  • Nippon Fine Chemical shall contribute to all people associated with it
  • Nippon Fine Chemical shall contribute to self-realization of its employees

Employee Code of Conduct

  • Always seek out challenges
  • Make products better and cheaper
  • Bring ingenuity to your work
  • Be the most reliable person