Contract flow

1. Request consultation
We accept requests from time to time, such as visits, visits, phone calls, and inquiry forms.
In addition, we will conclude a confidentiality agreement as necessary.
2. Cost estimation
We will consider based on the technical information disclosed.
We develop safe and stable mass production formulas.
3. Estimate
Submit an estimate calculated based on the examination results.
4. Lab study
If you agree to the estimate, we will examine the synthesis at the lab scale.
The created sample will be provided as necessary.
5. Trial production
Prototypes will be made on actual factory equipment [3,000L to 12,000L] after incorporating improvements for problems in laboratory studies.
6. Commercial production
Commercial production of 3,000L to 12,000L scale.
Stable and continuous production of high-quality products through thorough process control and quality assurance.
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