Leather Business

Leather Business

Skin and Leather

Everyone...Do you have leather products?
Sofa in big things, wallet in small things, there are also bags, courts, gloves, shoes, hats, etc.

We wrote "leather", but in fact, we use "skin" in our industry before becoming "leather".
Do you know the difference between "skin" and "leather"?
If it is left that it does not handle anything, and it becomes rotten, and it becomes hard resin shape when dried.
But the leather products you know do not look so hard.
Bag, purse and sofa are soft and warm feel.

To prevent the decay of skin, and, "tanning" is necessary to prevent it from hard resin shape when dried.

"tannin" or "metal salt" is used to make prevent decay of skin and to make strong.
This tanning skin is called leather.

In addition, the skin contains fat, but in many cases, that fat is easy to solidify.
It becomes the state that the fat comes out on the surface when this hardened fat becomes cold.
When this condition, the appearance of the leather product becomes bad, so remove fat is done.
However, leather may become hard if there is no moderate fat in the leather, and crack is possible.
To prevent this, you need to add soft fat to the leather.
We are called "fatliquoring agents" whis this fat.

Our fatliquoring agents can produce various features such as "warmth, gloss, flexibility, soft feeling".

At this opportunity, please try the "fatliquoring agents" we made.
At present, under the technical cooperation system between Japan and China, fatliquoring agents are manufactured and sold by TAICHANG NIKKA FINE CHEMICAL Co., Ltd.

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